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The BuckMister   Click to buy!

The BuckMister™ is the first and only battery operated, self contained, fully programmable scent dispersal system. What makes the BuckMister™ so unique is our "patent pending" clock and timer. With this technology the hunter can literally preprogram the BuckMister™ days, weeks, and even months in advance of their hunt and have the option to preprogram up to 99 exact times and dates they would like to disperse scent. Another exclusive feature of the BuckMister™ is our on-board "count down timer". After all 99 misting dates have been stored the "count down timer" will tell the hunter the exact time and date them must return to the unit to replace the Buckbomb™ scent canister. The amazing thing is all of these exclusive features have been packed into one small, easy to transport, durable plastic housing that is completely waterproof. Needless to say we at OldFaithful Outdoors™ have created the ultimate scent dispersal system the BuckMister™!



NoDoubt Fish Rule   Click to buy!

It's not how long, it's how legal! No Doubt Fish Rule will give you the most accurate measurement available.



Float-n-Stick Fish Ruler   Click to buy!

It floats!
It always holds its shape even if stepped on!
It's virtually indestructible!
It's modular and breaks down for easy storing!
It's the Float-n-Stick!


Angler Tube - Fishing Videos   Angler Tube - Fishing Videos
Old Faithful Outdoors is proud to partner with AnglerTube.com, the premier online fishing community. Angler Tube is a place for anglers around the world to share fishing videos, photos and any anything else that involves the sport of fishing.


Hunting & Fishing Forums   Hunting & Fishing Forums
Got some questions? Need some answers? Want to connect with other sportsmen from around the country? Browse through our Hunting and Fishing Forums and join our community of sportsmen who love to hunt and fish... just like you!


Helpful Links   Helpful Links
We've made a list of the best Hunting and Fishing websites available on the Internet. Visit some of our friends and partners, or check out some of our favorite hunting and fishing products from other companies.

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